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The Business-First App that Bridges the Gap Between One-to-One Communication and Social Media

Meet inform8r, a brand new, business-first app that will revolutionize the way your public receives messages from you. The first business-first messaging app is perfect for any business or group leader, from small-scale or colossal, to reach their public in an entirely new, cleaner, less-cluttered way. 

inform8r allows you to set up closed groups of any size to send out messages without using social media, without giving up your personal information or requesting personal info from recipients. 

Simple, clean messaging that doesn’t rob you of your time or your personal information.

Why inform8r?

Because inform8r is the ideal messaging app for businesses due to:
  • minimum data needed to create an account (inform8r doesn’t need your personal data)
  • respect for the anonymity of members
  • discretion among members guaranteed
  • no personal data stored
  • extremely easy to use with multilingual support (10 languages and counting)
  • extremely easy to subscribe and share using QR codes  
  • self-cleaning groups, which means no archiving
  • time-sensitive messaging logic (members only see what is relevant to them RIGHT NOW)
  • only active/relevant data is shown to your members (if a message was relevant only until yesterday, why show it today)
  • message scheduling supported 
  • 100% assurance that everyone receives the messages sent out
  • no fiddly confirmations whatsoever to subscribe to a group
  • no replies to the whole group, only to the sender, which means no clutter
  • get instant feedback from your members
  • your group member’s count shows your REAL members only (not your Virtual ones)
  • and GDPR compliant
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