What is inform8r?

Be smart about how to use your smart phone

Inform8r is a brand new, business-first messaging app that will revolutionize the way your public receives messages from you. One that is aimed at organizers, managers, small businss owners, clubs and anyone who has to reach out to a specific group of people to provide them with information. This app never asks for or retains your personal information. It is a pure way to communicate with exactly the people you want to communicate with, with none of the clutter.

Clean communication, clean messaging, that's what inform8r is all about.


Who is it for?

We have developed inform8r specifically for those who need to organize or inform different groups of people, whether these groups messages are related to work, hobbies, friends or other activities.

Save time for your business! For each activity, business, hobby or virtually anything, you can create your own group. Choosing the right audience for each group is entirely up to you. Inform your business partners, customers, friends, anyone you like about the things that are relevant to them. 

Inform8r can help any business or group manager, like…

  • a small business that wants to inform your customers of a sale
  • a teacher sending a note to your students (and you don’t want to use social media and aren’t sure if they’ll actually check their email)
  • an event organizer keeping your audience up to date
  • a coach letting his team know about training
  • a business owner or manager letting staff know about a meeting
  • a fitness or yoga instructor letting their students know about the next class
  • a musician telling fans about a forthcoming gig
  • a food truck announcing 50% off chili dogs from 4-6pm that day
  • a political party notifying their members
  • a priest informing his fellow villagers

or, on a bigger scale, a local shopping mall announcing a holiday sale to thousands of customers, or a software company taking preorders for a new video game

The possibilities are limitless

inform8r is intended for:
company managers
to communicate with their employees and/or business partners
marketing and PR managers
to distribute their messages to the media or their audiences
sports club managers or coaches
to communicate with their employees, team members, fans or business partners
musicians or artists
to connect with their fans or collaborators
big shopping centers
to send relevant content to their constituents or customers
school headmasters and teachers
to notify their students' parents
small businesses
to connect with their customers or their colleagues
literally anyone
who would like to send & receive group messages within their closed circle of people who share the same interests

Problems? Solution!

Empowered to communicate … Anytime, anywhere, to anyone!