How is inform8r different from other messaging apps, like Viber and WhatsApp?

Other messaging apps are set up so that everyone in a group receives every message and reply within that group. Sometimes that’s fine, but sometimes it’s not ideal and can even feel intrusive, receiving dozens of messages that are not necessarily meant for you. Inform8r allows one or more group organizers to send messages to the whole group, but replies from the recipients only go to the group organizers—not to all members(recipient reply feature is coming in the next big release). This is a cleaner approach, allowing you to receive messages a member of a group without worrying that your phone will be buzzing constantly with a ping-pong of replies that you don’t need to read. Only the key messages from the organizers will get through. You are also invisible to other members of the group—only the organizers are aware of who is in the group, giving you privacy and control.

Are there any limits to the inform8r app?

There are no functional limits of what users can do. The only limit is the maximum number of groups that one user can create. And that is 5 per user. Need more? You can always create more accounts.


What technology is inform8r using to share its groups?

We are using Quick Response Code or shortly QR code technology as an image, so scanning it using your phone is one way to join a group. You can also do so manually, by using search inside the app and clicking on the plus(+) sign for the group in question.


You describe this as “clean messaging.” What do you mean by that?

Aren’t you sick of being flooded by irrelevant, inappropriate, sometimes even offensive messages that can come through other messaging apps? For instance, if you add a Comment to a friend’s Facebook post, then Facebook sends you a message every time anyone else comments on that original post. Sometimes you want to receive them, but to be honest, most of the time we don’t. Our concept already prevents this from happening. No comments means you always see “only” what the creator of the group wanted to share with you. Likewise, if you’re in a group with, say, fifty people, all members of a yoga class. The instructor is the group organizer and sends a message that class is moving an hour later this week. That’s the only information you need. In other messaging apps, the fourteen people who reply to this message, telling the instructor they can’t make it, wind up going to everyone else in the group, cluttering up your life. In inform8r, only the organizer receives replies, so you get only the important information without all the white noise and clutter. Just clean messaging.

Are there any instructional videos?

Yes. Just click the link to our Youtube channel.


What sort of groups is inform8r meant to be used with?

Whether you’re an event organizer trying to notify people of upcoming events, or just letting them know that an event was canceled; a sports club notifying your fans that the season tickets have become available; CEO in a company inviting co-workers to a weekly meeting or sharing quarterly results; or just a guy selling hotdogs from your small trailer on 5th Avenue, wanting to notify your customers that if they buy two hot dogs in the next hour, you’ll give them the third for free… There are countless examples, but the key is this: inform8r is the best option for larger groups that need to have information conveyed to them, but for which members don’t want to be bothered with loads of replies that aren’t relevant to them, and who want to maintain their privacy while still getting the information they need. The possibilities are endless.

Is inform8r available in languages other than English?

Yes, it is. We currently support Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. We plan to add many more in the future.

I work in PR and marketing. How can inform8r help me?

If you’re a PR specialist trying to notify shareholders of a company’s progress, or scheduling an end of the year shareholder meeting and wanting to know how many will attend, or a marketing executive announcing promotions or even recurring promotions to the public on a weekly basis, then inform8r is your new best friend! Send out announcements in a clean, clear way that your audience will love, because it won’t feel as though it is cluttering up their lives and they can maintain their privacy, while still getting the information they’re after. For advanced users, we will be preparing “inform8r Pro,” a desktop version that will facilitate messaging very large groups and offer other PR and marketing tools for power users. Stay tuned.

Is there anything that requires payment about the inform8r app?

No. Inform8r app is free for everyone.

Yes. Inside the inform8r app Settings there is an option called “Enlarge font in messages.”

Can I login with my other social media accounts?

Yes. Currently we support Facebook and will add others as we go.

What is Auto Login and how does it work?

Auto login will enable you to be logged in for the next 30 days. After that you will need to login again, due to security reasons.

I don’t want to receive notification on my phone anymore. What can I do?

Inside the inform8r app settings, there is an option “Allow notifications.” Switch it off. If you join another group, but you still have your “Allow notifications” set to off, we will notify you.

I was using my friend’s phone and accidentally switched on “Allow notifications.” Now my friend is receiving notifications for my groups. My friend is living in another city, so I can’t switch the notifications off. What can we do?

Inside the inform8r app settings, there is an option “Managing notifications.” Select it. In a new window, press the button “Remove from other devices.” What this does is remove the “Allow notifications” option from all other devices except your current one.

I’m on a “Search” tab, trying to find one specific group. The result of my search returned 200 hits, saying that there may be more groups. Why is that?

By default, we limit our search results to 200 hits. If you haven’t found the group you were looking for, you can either set more specific criteria to search by the country, for example, and/or preferably type more words in a search field to get better results.

One of the groups appears to me to be violating privacy rights. Can you help?

Yes we can. Please fill the contact form with detailed information as to why you think this is a violation and we will take a look asap.

Supported Devices

Is inform8r available for Android and Apple?

Yes. You can download them from Apple Store or Google Play.

Is there a desktop version of inform8r?

There’s no need for one, at least not for the ordinary user. We do plan to release an “inform8r Pro” for advanced users who need to take care of several groups at once on a daily basis, need a bigger screen and have a lot of data to share, such as for PR campaigns at major companies. But for normal daily users with groups with up to a few dozen recipients, the app will be all that is needed.

Privacy & Security

How does inform8r assure privacy?

We assure this on several levels. To use the inform8r app you just need to set up your name/nick name, your email (which serves as username) and your password. That’s it. Nothing more. Inside the app, you will never see other group members listed (except in one special case, so see the question “In what special case can I see who replied to the message?” nor will anyone except the creator of the group see your information. And because we respect your privacy, we never share your name with anyone. It is as if you are in a one-to-one conversation with the group organizer.


How do I add someone to an existing group?

The same way you would invite someone to the group. See the question “How do I invite people to join a group?”


Who can see who are members of a group?

Only the organizer of a group can see members.


How do I remove someone from a group and will they know that they have been removed?

The organizer of the group is the only one who can remove a member from a group. This can be achieved while editing the group and selecting the “Members & Editors” option inside the Administration section.

Removed members will be notified when they do a refresh of the groups they follow.


What is the maximum number of people in any one group?

There is no limitation.

There are several options. If you got your QR code image using SMS or email, then click on an image and tap an icon for advanced options/share (this differs for IOS or Android devices). Among other icons there is also an inform8r app icon. Select the icon and it will open the inform8r app and add you to the group. If you’re not logged in, then login and you will be added

Another option is to save your image on a mobile device. Then open inform8r and go to the “Groups I follow” tab. In the top right corner, there is a plus (+) sign. Tap on it and from the menu select “Get QR code from Photo library.” Now select your saved image.

Another option is if you can see the QR code, whether this is on TV, in a magazine, a banner or your friend’s phone. Now click plus (+) as before and select “Scan QR code.” When you see a rectangle in the center of your screen, point the mobile device so you can see the QR code in the center of your rectangle. If the QR code is correct, then you will be added to the group. If this group has a “Security pin code,” you should get it from the organizer of the group and when prompted enter it.

You can also add yourself to the public group by using search inside the app and clicking on the group.


Messaging & Content creation

What type of messages do you support in inform8r?

We support “message” and “event” types.

Event type has a location and date and time of the event, and an option called “Public results” which will show by percentage how many members pressed “Yes” and how many pressed “No” regarding their attendance. Member names will be omitted, unless in the special case described under “In what special case can I see who replied to the message?” The creator of the event has the ability to export/share results.

Message type has the option “Permanent message,” which will ignore “end date” and show the message until you change this option or one year has passed.

Both types support scheduling (weekly, monthly) and both can have a mix of text and photos. Each message can have a maximum of 6 photos, and each photo can have a caption, if you like.

Text supports three styles, regular, bold & italic.


Can you write messages and send them later?

Yes. While creating a message, you can set message “start” and “end” date and time. With “start” you can postpone message dispatch. With “end” you define duration of how long the message should be visible to the members.

How do I create a new message?

While being in a group there is a plus (+) sign in the top right corner. Tap it.


How do I delete a message?

While being in a group and over the message in question,  swipe to the left.
A 'delete' option will show up on the right.


How do I share a message?

While being in a group and over the message in question,  look for the toolbar in the footer of the message. The first icon from left is a share button. Tap it, to share.

Note: Due to Facebook policy, which prevents a pre-fill of any content in Facebook Platform Policy, 2.3. we made a workaround by coping the text into clipboard, so you can still share the text of the message. To share it, just simply tap in a text field to get a 'menu' and tap 'Paste'.



If I have a scheduled message that is also active and I try to edit it in an “Active” tab, can I do that?

Yes you can, because this is the same message, so it does not matter where you try to edit it.

Is there a limit to how long a message can be seen?

The whole point of the inform8r app is to notify group members with information that is relevant in some short time-frame. Therefore, we automatically remove messages that would be active for more than 1 year after their first release, unless this is a scheduled message.

How do I add a photo into my message?

When you’re creating/editing a message, press and hold your finger somewhere inside the text to get popup menu. Search for the “Insert Photo” option and press it. If this is your first time, the system will ask you to grant permissions to the app to search your photos. After that, you can select up to 6 images and press done. In the next window, you can rearrange the location of the photos by holding one photo and moving it to desired place. You can add a caption under each photo by single tapping it and then tapping into the description field under photo.

How do I dynamically position a photo inside the message?

When you’re creating/editing a message and you already have a photo inside the text, press and hold on the photo. You will see that the photo will zoom a little, and this indicates that now you can move your photo up and down within the message. When you’ve found the location, just release the photo and it will be repositioned.

Will photo always appear in the same place in messages, like in other social media apps?

No. We at inform8r went a step further and implemented a dynamic photo location feature. The reason is that we wanted to give users the ability to put their photos exactly where they should be, anywhere in the message they like, including in the middle of the text.

I would like to add additional photos to the list of photos. How can I do that?

While creating/editing a message, single tap on the photo and the popup menu will appear. If you would like to add/edit the photo, press the option “Add/Edit.”

I would like to remove all photos from a message. How can I do that?

While creating/editing a message, single tap on the photo and the popup menu will appear. If you would like to remove all the photos press “Remove.”

I would like to change/remove a single photo from a list of photos inside a message. How can I do that?

While creating/editing a message, single tap on the photo and the popup menu will appear. Press the option “Add/Edit.” Now you see all the photos you have in your list. To remove one, just double tap on it. To change one, first remove it, then tap on an empty photo placeholder ((+) sign) and select a new image. Rearrange accordingly.

Yes. While typing a message, and when you start typing “http” or “www,” we will automatically parse the data when you finish the link and create it just under the message text field. Only one link is allowed, so if you want to change it, then tap on it to remove it and start typing again. Of course, you can have multiple links inside your text, but only one will stand out. When users receive such a message, they will see a part of a message as a tappable link. Tapping on a link will open a page in an internal browser.

If you have web links inside the message body, they will be clickable but only as a text. 

When inside the group, locate the message in question. Under each message there is a toolbar. On a toolbar there is a pencil like icon. Tap it to edit.

Managing Groups & Group Options

How can I make my group private and what does this mean?

While creating/editing a group, there is an option “Private Group.” If selected, then the group will be private, otherwise it is public by default. Public groups will appear in a search, whereas Private groups will not.

How do I edit/delete/share my own group?

While being on "My groups" tab, over the group in qustion, swipe to the left to reveal a menu options.
Now you can delete, edit or share a group.

Note: Due to Facebook policy, which prevents a pre-fill of any content in Facebook Platform Policy, 2.3. we made a workaround by coping the text into clipboard, so you can still share the text. To share it, just simply tap in a text field to get a 'menu' and tap 'Paste'.


How do I unsubscribe, see group's info or share a group that I follow ?

While being on "Groups I follow" tab, swipe to the left while bing over the group in question, to reveal a menu options.
Now you have options to unsubscribe, access group's info or share a group. 
A note: Share option is only available for public groups.


If I need to create more groups than the limit allows, what can I do?

We do plan to offer custom plans in the near future. Until then, you can fill in the “Contact Form” on the inform8r web page with a description of why you need more groups, and we will find the best solution for your needs. An increase in the allowed number will be made for free but will only last until we release custom plans. Then your limit will be set back to default.

I’ve created a new group. If I now go into “Search” to find it, it is not there, but it appears after a few minutes.

Yes, this is correct. Some operations in the system are not processed in “real-time.” To guarantee the best system performance, synchronization and user experience inside the app, we run some operations in the background. Still, all operations should be finished in a minute or two.

Why, when I’m in a group, do I see the same messages in both the “Active” and “Scheduled” tabs?

If a message is scheduled or just postponed, it will always be seen on the “Scheduled” tab, in order for you to easily find it among all other messages, no matter whether the message is active or not. The only situation in which you will see the message on both tabs is when the message is scheduled and at the same time active.

I have a group. Can I somehow prevent unintended people from joining the group?

Yes, you can. Someone can only join your group if they scan your QR code. But you can have additional security by setting the ‘Security pin code’ inside the group.

We’re a fitness studio and would like to share our opening hours with our members, so everyone can see it right away…even non-members. Is this possible?

Yes. Inside the create/edit group’s window, there is a “Welcome text” field. Putting it there will allow everyone, even non-members, to see it right away with only one click. Members can get all contact information by taping the “Info” icon which can be found inside the “Groups I follow” tab, by doing a swipe to reveal a menu. You can put any information that you would like everyone, even non-members, to see into the “Welcome text” and the “Info” fields.

I see that there are some groups with a checkbox icon beside the title. What does this mean?

Groups that have such an icon are “Verified” groups, meaning that owners of those groups have been verified for authenticity. You can get a group “Verified” by sending a request to us and we will contact you with additional information on how to become verified. This is an added measure to connote legitimacy and avoid fake groups or users or spam. We are here to help to ensure that the inform8r experience is clean and honest and just what you want it to be.


I see a group whose name is violating a law. How can I report this?

If you think some group that you’re a part of needs to be checked by a staff member, then please fill the contact form with detailed information as to why you think this is a violation and we will take a look asap.

Only the creator/organizer can write inside the group. What if I’m the organizer, but I’m away and something needs to be sent as soon as possible by someone else?

You can give “permissions” for others to write inside your group. We call them “Editors.” You can add/remove “Editors” inside “edit group” under the “Members & Editors” option. Only members of the group can become “Editors.”


I have become an “Editor” of a group I follow. Where can I see the difference?

When you become an “Editor” of some group, you will see this group on a “Groups I follow” tab under “Editor” and you can flip for quick access. When you enter this group, what you will notice is that now you can see flips for “Active,” “Scheduled,” “Past due” and a “+” (plus) sign in the top right corner. This will allow you to write new messages and organize your messages.

As an “Editor” of a group, what are my permissions or limitations?

You can add/edit/remove all types of messages, if they are created by you. You cannot modify nor delete messages that were created by other members or the creator of a group. The creator/organizer of a group has full access, so he/she can do everything, no matter who was the writer of a message.

What are the “Active,” “Scheduled,” “Past due” flips inside my groups or groups that I have a permission to edit?

When you have the right to write in some group, you will see these flips, to better organize your messages. The “Active” flip will always show only the messages that are currently active at that moment. The “Scheduled” flip shows messages that either have a postponed activation/dispatch or are scheduled for reoccurrence. “Past due” shows all the messages that are not active anymore. We will show those messages for the next 30 days, if for some reason you forgot to change the active period and/or wish to reinstate the message but forgot.


I have successfully registered, but did not get the activation email. What went wrong?

Sorry to hear that. We use Amazon servers to send emails. What sometimes happens is that when your mail provider uses SPAMCOP to filter out the spam, SPAMCOP puts the Amazon server IP on a blacklist. The Blacklist is usually cleared after 24 hours. Our system removes all not activated accounts after 24 hours, so you can try to register again, with the same email, after this period. Or you can try to register with another email.

No matter what I do, I'm not getting any notifications.

First make sure you have the "Allow notifications" option set to ON in the app setting.

Sometimes, after rebooting/reseting a phone, the app stops receiving notifications. The solution is to remove/uninstall the app from your phone and re-install it again. Then login and set permissions to receive notifications.

If this doesn't fix your problem, please use our Contact form so we can help you resolve the problem.


I've set the "Allow notifications" option to ON, but after a while, the option is set to OFF again. Why is this happening?

For consistency reasons, we frequently check if phone's notification identifier is also stored on our servers. If it's not, then we set this option to OFF.

Inconsistency can happen due to the following reasons:

a) while in "Managing Notifications," you press "Remove from other devices." This behavior is expected if you do this. 

b) sometimes after rebooting/reseting a phone the notification identifier gets changed. To fix this, please see the question "No matter what I do, I’m not getting any notifications."

If this doesn't fix your problem, please use our Contact form, so we can help you resolve the problem.