What makes inform8r unique?
Retain your personal privacy
Everyone in the online world wants to keep you online, focused on your screen, for as long as possible. Our goal is to create a social medium with which you can quickly and easily reach information that is relevant to you, without spam and without getting bogged down in social media feeds, which can be fun, but can also be distracting or feel intrusive. With inform8r, you do not communicate with your personal profile, but with profiles that represent your activities, profession, hobbies or whatever you decide to share with your audience, and that’s it. Inform8r never asks for any personal information.
Go Public or be Private
Create public groups anyone can find and join, follow or create private groups locked with a pin code for only designated audiences you choose to share with.
Assign editors
Have a busy schedule? Give your market team, family members or friends permission to create content in your groups. You will always be able to re-edit the content they created or delete it.
Multilingual support
We will start with 10 different languages and will keep adding others.
Multiskin support
We will start with day and night view, but expect customization options in the near future.
Every message can be Unique
Tired of shaped message templates with predestinated picture and text places? Here you can create beautiful and intuitive messages. Bold important paragraphs and place photos where you wish them to be, even including captions for the images, all on your mobile phone.
Schedule your messages
Going to the place with no mobile data? Don’t worry. You can schedule your messages for posting and set them for repeated distribution, as you please.
Font size according to your wish
Do you have problems with your eyesight, or do you just do not want to burden your eyes when you are looking at your phone? With one tap, you increase the size of the letters in the messages you are reading.

Give credence to your content

Inform8r is an application for authentic users with authentic content. Verify your profile and create official groups with trusted content. This way, your followers will know that they follow a real group, run by a real human providing genuine content.
Sharing is caring
Sure, you can create public groups so anyone can find them via the "Search" option. But it's important that you can share your groups or content to others as privately as you might care to. You can share group or its content on different channels or simply print QR code on flyer or displayed it at a point of sale and let people scan it with app. With a touch of a button they will become your audience.